Cyberflesh Girlmonster 1995

... Dement's world is rife with the droll beat of a mad and dying modern existence...[The short narratives are] uncannily Beat New Yorkesque, easily comparable with Jim Carroll, Kathy Acker or, more pertinent, Lydia Lunch for their "I was there" hard realism. The territory is rape, heroin addiction, lesbian necrophilia and revenge fantasies.

Vikki Riley; The Open Wounds of Linda Dement's Electronic Bodyscapes, Photofile #44, 1995

At the Adelaide Festival, about 30 women donated body parts by scanning their chosen flesh and digitally recording sound. From these, conglomerate bodies were created, animated and made interactive.

When a viewer clicks on one of these monsters, the words attached to that body part could be heard or seen, another monster may appear, a digital video could play, a story or biological information about the physical state described by the story, may be displayed.

Cyberflesh Girlmonster is a macabre comedy of monstrous femininity, of revenge, desire and violence.